House Washing – Why Pressure Washing Is Better Than Brushing and Hose?

A professional House Wash removes mold, mildew, dirt, and stains that normal water pressure or household solutions can’t. It also eliminates the need for painting.

Unlike power washing which can damage soft brickwork, stonework, roofs, and expensive paving surfaces, soft washing uses low to moderate water pressure combined with cleaning agents. Click here for more info.


Every home needs a good cleaning from time to time. Whether you are getting ready to put your home on the market or just want to freshen up for your own enjoyment, expert house washing will make your property look its best and prevent costly damage from mildew, moss, and algae.

In order to ensure the most thorough cleaning results, it is important to prep your property for the house wash process. This includes covering plants and securing loose objects to avoid spilling or blowing away. It is also a good idea to unplug appliances and cover exterior electrical outlets. This will prevent any accidental jolts or surges that could occur with water blasting directly into outlets.

The next step is to prepare the cleaning solution. Depending on the surface material of your house, a typical bio-friendly cleaner will have a solution strength between 1% and 3% sodium hypochlorite. This is the same concentration used to clean a child’s playground and is harmless to most landscaped areas around the home.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is when hot water is used at high concentrations to cleanse surfaces and remove unwanted substances like dirt or mildew. It is typically more effective than regular cleaning with a brush and hose.

Dirt, moss, and grime can actually eat away at the surface of your home or commercial property. That’s why a good pressurized wash is so important. It not only lifts and blasts off the buildup but also helps stop damage before it starts, saving you money.

Soaking a building with a sponge mop or scrubbing off the paint yourself isn’t nearly as efficient or effective as a professional power wash. Plus, if you’re planning on making any renovations or changes to your property, a fresh, clean look will make your new work stand out and attract top dollar for your home or business.

Post-Wash Care

Getting rid of mildew, dirt, moss and other organic stains on the outside of your home is not only an aesthetically pleasing task but also helps prevent health problems. But it’s often a chore that many homeowners don’t have the time, supplies, or ability to do themselves.

With proper cleaning solutions and a little patience, you can get your home looking like new again! However, if you’re struggling with a stubborn stain on your siding or other exterior surfaces and don’t think your home’s materials can handle high-pressure washing, consider working with a house wash service.

Typically, a soft-wash process uses Sodium Hypochlorite and a surfactant to safely and effectively clean the exterior of your home. The technician will start on the farthest side of your home so that the hoses can reach and begin to apply the algaecide to the surface of your home. Once the detergent has been applied to the surface, the other technician will begin rinsing it off with a low-pressure stream of clean water.


We take great care to keep our homes clean inside, but many homeowners forget to wash the exterior surfaces. Aside from improving curb appeal, regular house washing also promotes a healthy living environment and saves money by mitigating mildew, moss, and other contaminants before they cause damage.

Professionals use a special cleaning solution with low pressure to clean the dirt, grime, and contaminants off of your home’s exterior surfaces. The cleaning solution is often a mix of water with bleach, which can disinfect and remove organic growth. The detergents and surfactants that are mixed with the water also help break up and dislodge stains from the surface.

Whether you are getting ready to put your home on the market or just want to boost your curb appeal, our professional cleaning methods and detergents will restore stucco, brick, stone, and other surfaces to their original condition. Call us today to schedule your free estimate! Click here for the next blog post.